A Peek Inside Margo Apartment in Moscow

Margo is a small yet very comfortable and chic apartment in Moscow, Russia. The interior was designed by Marra Group, architecture / interior and product design firm from Kiev.

“Someone may call it a classic, and someone is contemporary, but for us it is our Margo. Colorful and mysterious with a combination of stucco and metal. Little, but with his hint of unusual. Which falls in love of those who are looking for a home from the first sight. Nothing superfluous, only expensive materials, simple forms – this is a luxury. A harmonious combination of such different colors, burgundy, blue, green and white at the first glance created the perfect picture of comfort. The apartment seems to be waiting for its inhabitants – successful people, who, after a busy and productive working day, plunge into their personal world. It can be both courageous and soft lady. But looking at the design and of all the details you can say with certainty that couple in love live here. It does not distract you from thoughts, everything is quite functional and convenient. It is because of this that we can not worry about trivialities, but simply enjoy the time spent together. This is the perfect nest for two lovers of modern people,” said Marra Group

  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Date completed: 2018
  • Design: Marra Group
  • Architects: Julia Siriak, Anton Siriak, Christina Galyuta
The living room and the bedroom share a burgundy wall
Living room
Burgundy wall in the living room
Bedroom behind the burgundy wall
Work table
Wardrobe and a luxurious bed

Kitchen area
Marble wall