Inside Apartment in The Residential Complex River Stone in Kiev

This modern sleek apartment for young family is situated in the Kiev-based residential complex River Stone. The interior of an apartment was designed by interior studio ZOOI.

“The main obvious advantages of this modern interior are cleanliness and comfort. We made sure that the space gave a sense of freedom and functionality at the same time, giving maximum attention to the customer, creating an atmosphere where the strongest aspects of his character will be felt, avoiding to replace the individuality of design. Therefore, there is enough air in this interior; you can feel the practicality and the desire for perfectionism, and there are all the conditions for a desire to relaxand to enjoy the beauty of life. We have been able to organize all the necessary premises for customers: an open space, consisting of a living room, kitchen and dining area; master and guest bedrooms; a room for the child; nanny room, laundry room and three bathrooms. The zoning and decoration of the apartments completely correspond to the composition of the family: there is both female and male and the room for the daughter is a separate world in which all the children’s dreams are realized,” explained Maxim Doschinsky and Pavel Voitov, the leading designers of ZOOI interior studio

  • Location: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Size: 3,200 square feet
  • Design: ZOOI interior studio
  • Photos: Andrey Bezuglov
Kitchen area

Living room area

Dining room
Master bedroom


Room for child

Bathroom for child
Guest bedroom