A Peek Inside Apartment V in Stockholm

Apartment V, situated in a residential area called Östermalm, Stockholm, Sweden, was really worn down and in need of a remodeling. The stunning result made by a mix of vintage midcentury and modern interior was designed by talented interior designer Joanna Lavén.

“Located in a house from 1914, the design was made with careful consideration of the original features such as the pillars between the two living room areas. The kitchen was moved to a more “contemporary” position in the apartment, the kitchen now being the core of a modern apartment where people spend the majority of time when they are home. I designed the kitchen to fit the style of the apartment, it was made to measure and included lots of intresting details such as the custom made marble herringbone backsplash etc. The childrens rooms got more classical wallpaper and the social area was painted with matte colors in different soft shades. The fireplace was reconstructed to get more of a classical look. I put focus on the classical details of the apartment and contrasted with a mix of vintage midcentury and modern interior,” said Joanna Lavén

  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Date completed: 2015
  • Size: 2,150 square feet
  • Design: Joanna Lavén
  • Photos: Marcus Lawett and Kristofer Johnson
Kitchen area
Living room