A Look Inside Blue Flat Apartment in France

Blue Flat is a 1000-square-foot apartment in France, which his owners wanted to transform from “four pieces into five pieces”. By smart remodeling of the floor plan, Atelier Sagitta managed to create a fourth bedroom.

“The apartment was completely redesigned and modified. The living rooms have been moved in front of the windows with tall trees view. The family of furniture lovers also asked us for custom furniture to optimize the space. Thus, a bench in the entrance serves for storing shoes, mails and keys. The kitchen extending in bench is a center of family life. Shelves and a small well-placed desk dress up the master bedroom, while a shack bed provides a refuge for children for starry nights”, explained Atelier Sagitta

  • Location: Vincennes, France
  • Size: 1,076 square feet
  • Design: Atelier Sagitta
View into the dining area
Detail of the bench
Dining corner
View into the kitchen

Living room

Master bedroom

Children’s room

Floor plan