A Peek Inside Midnight Green Apartment in Prague

Midnight Green apartment, situated in the historical building in the center of Prague, a UNESCO world heritage site, takes its design influence from both the historical elements of building and a bit of quirky instagramable trend. The apartment, which is available for renting, was designed by Czech interior designer Lucie Pilarova.

“One of my objectives for the reconstruction was to preserve the classic period features, including fireplace, windows, doors and private bathroom accessible through the balcony. Originally, this apartment used to be much bigger and was connected to several other flats on the floor. But with the arrival of communism, apartments had to be reduced, split and many of the period features were ruined during that period. The whole redesign took 6 months. It was a challenge considering the apartment is located in a historical building which has undergone many reconstructions, most of them poorly done. In terms of the design, I fell in love with the “IN” colour, beautiful blue-green (midnight green). Many people argued against it, persuading me that the interiors will be too dark. In the end they all stood pleasantly surprised. I now see that even darker shades work for smaller apartments. I’ve also adorned the space with Frida Kahlo prints, as I felt inspired by her biographic movie,” explained Lucie Pilarova

  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Date completed: 2018
  • Size: 650 square feet
  • Design: Lucie Pilarova
  • Photos: Altovita
Living area
Dining area
Living room