Atelier Michal Hagara

Atelier Michal Hagara

Bratislava, Slovakia

Atelier Michal Hagara creates authentic interiors and furniture with emphasis on its functional aesthetics, individuality and perfection.

Experimental craft procedures — personally overseen by Michal Hagara, selected materials, processing of high artistry and pure forms make up an exceptional set of artistic objects with striking aesthetic value. All the avant-garde works resulting from this delicate process are created in company’s own workshop.

Design and the concept of respective interior alongside with its implementation and minor enhancements are realised with utmost complexity. We approach all the crucial elements and details as fascinating lighting adjustments with notable delicacy. Unique and smooth consistency of the aforementioned features makes for a functional whole, Le Corbusier’s “machine for living”, precisely fitting each client’s life style.

Projects of this designer